As the nights start to draw out and the leaves on the tress turn brown the Capelli team start to think of thick jumpers, cosy pubs and letting our hair grow out – maybe that last one’s just us?

If you’re thinking of growing your hair out this winter, or any time of year, it’s important to keep it well styled if you want to avoid looking more runway than castaway.

Here are 5 of our favourite longer men’s hairstyles to give a try, or maybe give more than one a go depending how long your hair is now and where you’re aiming to get.

Messy Man-Bun

Make no mistake, the man-bun is here to stay. A great option if you can’t make your mind up what style to go for, or if you need to keep your unruly locks in check for the gym, football, or other activity. Keep it loose, but don’t be scared to use a little matt styling cream before tying up to keep flyaway hairs in place.

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Short ponytail

We’re not keen on ponies for longer hair as you end up looking a bit too much like, well, a pony. But if you’ve got mid-length hair and can’t quite make it to the man-bun, then a short pony is a great modern option.

It’s also a great in-between style if you’re growing out an undercut, like the photo below.

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Long Perm / Curl

If you’ve got naturally thick, wavy hair then you’re all set for this style. Think long, wavy hair without too much form to it. We’d recommend opting for sweeping the top back and over rather than rocking the centre parting, but apart from that, let it hang loose. So to speak.

If you’ve got naturally straight hair then speaks to your Capelli barber about your options – perms and curl treatments don’t result in the frizzy messes they used to!

Shoulder length and smart

Getting a haircut from your barber where the hair is just skimming the shoulders really frames your face and is a much smarter, cleaner-cut look than other long styles. It’s a cut that actually works really well with formal wear like suits, which is pretty hard to pull off for most longer styles.

Get your barber to cut in some texture and cut the hair slightly shorter at the back to give some shape and definition to the style.

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Extra long

Growing your hair out past the shoulders takes real commitment but if catwalks are anything to go by then extra long hair, particularly dreads, are one of the real fashion trends for 2017. If you’re brave enough to go extra long we recommend visiting the barber at least every couple of months to keep unruly sections of hair in check.

Apart from that, be brave and let it grow! (We’re not totally sure we should be giving that advice as a mobile barbering company, but we’re doing it anyway).

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