Become a Capelli Barber

Capelli App is designed to help you add to your existing mobile clients, or help you work part time, or even work overtime!

If you’re a qualified barber and are interesting in joining the app please do get in touch!

Applicants are required to have the experience of working in a barber shop, liability insurance, no criminal record and all equipment required to carry out mobile haircuts including cleaning up.

Capelli is fully flexible so you can work the hours that suit you, as you control your own calendar.

To quickly answer the most common question we get… it costs nothing! Joining the app is risk-free, you will either receive bookings or you won’t. As long as you keep the app installed, you can always accept or decline those that come in. Money goes directly to your bank from the customer. We really are trying to make it simple!

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Relax and wait for your Capelli Mobile Barber to arrive and make you look great


You're all set, sit back relax and wait for your mobile barber to arrive and make you look great.

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The Mobile Barber On Demand app - Available on iOS and Android

Get your next great trim with £5 off on us. Use code HIGH5 when registering.

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