Booked a holiday and need a haircut? Capelli has got you covered.

Summer styles are all about a cut that is manageable and comfortable in hot weather, but that doesn’t have to mean boring or super-short. Whilst cuts that are shorter can be cooler in hotter weather, there are plenty of interesting cuts and longer styles which work well too.Here are the Capelli barbers’ picks of the best men’s holiday haircuts for the

Here are the Capelli barbers’ picks of the best men’s holiday haircuts for the the 2017 summer season.

Textured short cut with close shaved sides:

This is the ultimate no maintenance style, particularly if your hair has a slight wave to it. Ask your barber to cut the hair to about an inch and a half to two inches on top then shave the back and sides very close – we’d recommend being brave and opting for a zero at the bottom fading into a one nearer the top.

This super close shave on the sides gives the impression of the hair on top being thicker and longer without being too heavy, plus it’s a style that has been proving popular throughout 2017 and is showing no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon.

To style simply use a small amount of matt paste to mess up the top and hit the pool! If you’ve got very straight hair you’ll probably always have to use some product to give texture on top, though those with wavy or curly hair might get away with going au natural.

Shaved in side parting:

What’s great about this cut is that it works on a variety of hair lengths and because the side parting is shaved in you can take the fade right up to it, taking away the need for lots of styling (anyone that has had a side parting will understand this pain!).

It’s a style that works on hair of all types so whether you’ve got straight, curly or course hair then it’s one to give a go.

Plus because the back and sides are being taken fairly close with the clippers it’s still relatively cool, though those of you (lucky) lads with thicker hair might want to get your barber to use thinning scissors on the top to take away some of the weight – as this really helps with cooling down your head in hot weather.

Undercut top knot:

Combining pretty much the two biggest hair trends of 2016 – the man-bun and the undercut – an undercut ‘top knot’ is a great style for those of you with longer hair, looking for something a bit more manageable in hot weather, or when you’re jumping in and out of the pool.

The key to this style is leaving the hair long enough to be bunched up on top a little bit – think sumo wrestler not paint brush… and cutting the sides nice and close. The great thing about this style is that after your summer holiday you can always wear your hair down again (albeit undercut), meaning all that hard-work of growing it in the first place hasn’t been lost.

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