Choosing a new cut can be a daunting task, but in this article the professional Capelli barbers let you in on the cuts they are tipping for greatness in 2017.

From edgy, modern cuts to some classics that remain rightly popular, if you’re looking for hair inspiration the next time you book a cut then look no further.

Textured crop fringe with high fade

This short, tousled style needs a medium-high fade to work and features a modern, cropped fringe. It’s a cut that is very easy to style and manage but which also needs regular cuts to keep that fade clean and trim.

This style works better for those with naturally wavy or slightly curly hair and you should use a matt paste to keep it in check and give a more natural, messier finish.

Loose semi-slick side parting

Side-part styles remain popular for 2017 but with a bit more volume and more of a freeform look. A slicker, slightly wetter styling product such as a wax can look great when used on this style as shown here.

Remember to add volume by blow drying before applying product and giving separation with your fingers or a very wide toothed comb (sometimes sold as a ‘detangling comb). The main thing is not to get too hung up on a perfect parting, so let your hair’s natural parting do the work.

Angled side parting, high fade

This is a super modern cut that we’re seeing more and more in the big cities. It can look really striking if styled with a large quiff, or can be toned down by being styled in a more slicked down, smoother look.

The key to this one is getting a cut by a confident, professional barber who will choose an angle that suits your face shape – and how you want the finished cut to look. Works great with a beard as shown here!

Wavy swept back cut

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, messy styling on top of expert barbering (keep that fade on point) is the big style trend for 2017, no matter the cut – and this style shows it off perfectly.

This is really one for guys with wavy or medium-curly hair but you can get a similar look by really messing up straighter hair and using a matt paste to add definition, it won’t look quite the same as the style shown here but you’ll get a similar effect.

Classic (and Classy) Crew Cut

This preppy, classic style is never going to go out of fashion if we have anything to do with it and looks as good today as it did in the 50s. Ask your barber to keep the shaved sides a touch longer than the high-fade of many modern cuts and the top short and textured to ensure you hit all the style pointers of this classy cut.

A favourite of those looking for something which transitions well from the boardroom to the bar.

by Greg Rycroft
Capelli Co-Founder

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