The comb-over (no not that type of comb-over) or classic side-parting is a look that our barbers say is showing no signs of wavering in popularity, and we can see why. It’s a sophisticated look which works with pretty much any face shape and is relatively easy to maintain.

One thing that does sometimes stump people though is where to place the side-parting and how to achieve that all important swept quiff.

Here’s our simple guide to mastering the look for men.

Hair Cut Requirements 

Your hair needs to be of a reasonable length on the top and slightly shorter round the sides. For a more modern, bolder look a shaved back and sides can be used, although we’ve noticed more closely scissored rather than shaved styles coming back in popularity recently – especially if you’re the other side of thirty (no shame in that!).

Your Barber should also be able to help you locate the best side to place your side parting (more on that later) but remember that a lower side parting makes a face look squarer, whereas a higher parting acts to elongate the face.

Styling a side parting

  • Start with clean, towel dried hair
  • Use a hairdryer to blow dry your hair backwards, making sure you create a decent amount of volume at the front, near to the side parting, in order to give your quiff a bit of bounce.
  • Make sure your blow dry the hair flat around the back of your head and crown. This area should be relatively flat, at least compared to the front.
  • Use a medium sized amount of matt paste, such as the one made by Capelli (it’s awesome), to sweep back your hair and add some texture.
  • Brush in the side parting before using your fingers or a very wide-toothed comb to give some separation and texture on top.
  • Use a tiny bit of extra product to smooth down the sides or back, if needed. But watch out for adding too much product. Less is more!

Don’t know which side your parting should go on?

This is something that your Capelli Barber can help with, but essentially your hair has a natural growth circle on the top-back of your head called your ‘crown’. If this is on the slight left of your head then part on that side, if it’s on the right then part there.

If it’s in the dead centre then you should feel the hair and see if it is going clockwise or anti clockwise. If it is clock wise then your parting goes on the left, if it’s anti-clockwise then, you guessed it, part on the right hand side.

If in doubt though, let your experienced Capelli Barber do it for you!