We’ve had a number of people get in touch recently regarding booking Capelli mobile Barbers for their elderly, housebound or hospitalised relatives (or for themselves) and we just wanted to write a post to make it crystal clear that Capelli are delighted to be able to offer this service.

For those who are unable to leave their home, whether it’s for a broken leg or something more long term, Capelli are very proud to be able to offer a reliable and trustworthy service for customers who are less mobile.

A number of our Barbers across the UK have already begun to do regular hair cuts for immobile or housebound customers and it is something we think is a really important service that we can provide.

We are also very happy to now offer a 10% discount for elderly, housebound or otherwise immobile customers using Capelli – whether the service is booked by the person themselves or by a relative or carer. Please email us for further details.

The Capelli app is designed to be as easy as possible to use but we appreciate that some elderly people may not own a smartphone, so just also wanted to make clear that it’s absolutely fine for a relative to book appointments on their behalf. This is also useful if you are booking on behalf of somebody who you manage finances for, or would be happy to pay on behalf of.

It’s also worth mentioning that all Capelli payments are encrypted and 100% safe, so there is never any cash exchanged between you and our experienced team of Barbers, making the service as easy and stress-free as possible for everyone.

The only thing to remember is that if the person getting the haircut is in a residential home, nursing home, or hospital, then the permission of those in charge should always be sought before booking an appointment. This is just to ensure our Barber is welcome on to the premises and there isn’t any confusion over what’s going on.

The Capelli team are very proud to be able to offer this service and we’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions on what we can do to make our service better, or simply hear about how it has worked for you or a relative.

We know that a mobile barber app is never going to change the world but we are trying to make a difference as best we can!

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