After being frustrated by the time consuming, inconvenient and downright old fashioned process of getting a decent men’s haircut we just decided there had to be a better way. No queuing, no more ‘who’s next?’, no more getting cash out to pay because the card machine’s broken again, no more turning up at 5.10pm and finding the place shut, basically, no more barber shop bullshit.

So many aspects of our lives have been improved by technology, whether it’s contactless payment when shopping, using that app to get a cab, or ordering groceries online delivered straight to your house – technology should make things quicker and easier. So why should getting a haircut be any different?

This was the simple idea that was at the centre of Capelli from the very beginning. Through all of research and development, testing, coding, re-coding, perfecting and improving, we kept telling ourselves – make it simple, make it convenient, make it easy.

The response since we launched the fully fledged version of the Capelli app has been nothing short of staggering, it turns out there were as we hoped there would be, guys just as annoyed with inconvenient Barber shops as us.

What we think is so special about Capelli – and what our users tell us is so important – is it only features fully trained, experienced local Barbers, meaning you can still get your haircut by the same person each time if that’s what you prefer, or simply book with whoever is available, wherever you might be. But importantly it’s all on your terms, at a time that suits you.

Want to fit in a haircut between getting in from work and going out for dinner? No problem. Need a quick cut before you head of on holiday? Sure thing.

Plus because Capelli uses built in encrypted payment technology there’s no need to fumble around with cash, simply pick a time, pick a barber, and they’ll turn up with all the gear to cut your hair and clean up afterwards – no mess, no fuss.

Our aim is to take the bullshit out of booking a barbers haircut, and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the service we offer by signing up new barbers, covering new areas, improving the app and bringing Capelli to as many people as possible across the UK.

So if you’ve got any ideas or feedback on how we can improve Capelli then don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

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