Less rigid, more tousled styles are a big trend for 2017 so ensure you choose a quality matt paste when styling in order to get a manageable, restylable look, rather than the wet or slicked-back looks that have been popular in recent years.

Try styling your hair with a loose quiff or growing a touch longer on top for a more relaxed, swept back style, then follow the below tips for getting the most out of your matt look paste or hair product.

Start with Dry Hair

Shorter styles can be towel dried but if your hair is more than a couple of inches long you’re going to need to give it a quick blow dry. No need to spend ages on this, just blow dry in the direction you usually wear your hair, as the product will make sculpting and styling easy on dry hair.

Applying a matt paste product to wet hair is totally pointless as you’re going to end up with a slightly wet-look rigid finish when the hair dries anyway, and the hold in the long run won’t be as good. Start with dry hair, style, and try to avoid the temptation to finish with too much hairspray. A bit messy is fine!

Apply a small amount of product

It’s important to start with a small amount of product, the end of your middle finger is a good guide, and work this well by rubbing your fingers and palms together before going anywhere near your hair. This rubbing will loosen the product and also warm it up a bit, making application much easier.

Starting with a small amount means you can always add more if needed – perhaps to smooth down the back or sides of a swept back style – but you can’t take product away once it’s on there! Start small, add more if necessary.

Use your whole hands to style

We’ve seen a lot of products that encourage us to ‘work the hair using your fingertips’ and that’s all well and good for creating separation or detailing, but don’t be afraid to use your palms to smooth down an unruly hairline or give some shape to a slicked-back style.

A good matt paste hair product applied to dry hair should give you the safety-net of being able to restyle, so don’t worry too much about being light-handed – get in there and put the style where you want it!

Messy is good, a mess is bad!

As we’ve already said, tousled, less-rigid styles are definitely a big hair trend for 2017 so don’t be afraid to let any curls, kinks or quiffs your hair might naturally have show in your style. For swept back or side-parting styles (both still big for 2017) these are actually really helpful and add character to the look.

If you’ve got straighter hair then try to add a bit of roughness to your style, but remember there is a fine-line between ‘messy look’ and just looking a mess!

Use a quality matt paste product – Buy Now

There are some really great quality matt paste products out there in salons and barbers, often imported from America where male-grooming is big-business, but they can often be really expensive or hard to regularly get a hold of.

To combat this we’ve recently launched our own Capelli range of quality men’s grooming products including a matt styling paste and our barbers have been getting some amazing feedback from their customers. It’s currently only available to try-out via our mobile barbers (you can download the app and find a barber in your area here) but we’re hoping to get it live on our web-shop soon, so watch this space!

By Greg Rycroft

Capelli Co-Founder

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